Driving 50 Miles Per Hour Over The Speed Limit In Florida

Chiefly targeting motorcyclists, the Florida Legislature in 2008 created a new offense of speeding 50 mph faster than the posted speed limit. This is a serious traffic violation, not a simple ticket, and it applies to cars as well as motorcycles. In addition to steep fines, it could lead to long-term revocation of your driver’s license.

The criminal defense lawyers of Ferrer Shane, PL, in Miami, Florida, provide the savvy representation to beat this charge or limit the serious consequences. We have a proven record across South Florida of successfully challenging speeding tickets. Contact us as soon as possible to find out where you stand in a free initial consultation.

Speeding 50 MPH or More Above the Limit

This is now one of the most serious traffic offenses. The consequences of a conviction can be staggering:

  • First offense — $1,000 mandatory fine and possible license suspension
  • Second offense — $2,500 fine, one-year license revocation, surrender of your license and registration
  • Third offense (third-degree felony) — $5,000 fine, license revocation for 10 years

A speeding ticket for 50 mph over the limit is a noncriminal offense but counts 4 points against your license. The court appearance is mandatory; failure to show up in court can result in a D6 (administrative) suspension of your driving privileges. It may be charged as a standalone offense or in combination with charges for racing on the highway or fleeing police.

Because of the stiff penalties even for a first offense, it is critical to fight the charges. Our attorneys are knowledgeable about speed measurement devices and other aspects of the traffic stop in challenging your 50-mph-over speeding ticket. We are committed to preserving your driving privileges and limiting or avoiding the other penalties associated with traffic offenses.

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