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Boat and Personal Watercraft Accidents

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We focus our firm’s resources on handling personal injury matters for clients who have been seriously injured in Florida accidents.

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Miami Boating Accident Lawyer

Given the number of people who operate boats and personal watercraft in bodies of water in and around Florida, it is easy to see how accidents can occur. When other people do not follow proper safety precautions, are under the influence of alcohol or are otherwise negligent, it can lead to collisions that result in serious injuries for other people on the water. Boating accident victims deserve to be represented by an attorney who will seek monetary compensation for those injuries.

At the Miami law firm of Ferrer & Gonzalez, we are capable of handling accident claims involving boat and personal watercraft accidents in Florida. Our attorneys will work to protect the rights of our clients and to seek monetary compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and other expenses.

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Types of Boating Accidents in Florida

At Ferrer & Gonzalez, our lawyers have handled a wide range of accidents involving:

  • Speedboats, yachts and other private boats
  • Commercial charter boats, tour guide boats and ferries
  • Personal watercraft and “Jet Skis”
  • Cruise ships
  • Scuba diving accidents
  • Poorly maintained marinas and docks
  • Drowning
  • Drinking, driving and boating accidents

We are familiar with the laws governing boat accidents in Florida and what damages may be collected by accident victims. We also represent the family members of people killed in fatal boating accidents. Our representation is tailored to the needs of our clients, meaning that clients will receive the personal attention and dedicated service that they deserve.

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