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Can unpaid tolls get my license suspended?

Can unpaid tolls get my license suspended?

A multitude of Florida drivers rely upon the SunPass system to pre-pay their tolls. However, there are a few flaws in the system, and if drivers do not keep their information updated with the DMV, then unpaid tolls can snowball into a major legal headache. If you just found out that you have a suspended license because of unpaid tolls, contact Ferrer & Gonzalez for traffic ticket defense.

Most drivers mistakenly assume that an unpaid toll is no big deal. It doesn’t have to be if the DMV has your current address and other information. This allows them to mail you a notice regarding an unpaid toll. As long as you pay within the allowed time period, then no further action is taken against you.

The story is very different if the DMV doesn’t have correct address or other data for you. Then, all of those mailed notices go astray, leaving you in the dark as to the status of your driver’s license. This is how so many Florida drivers end up with an suspended license from unpaid tolls.

Did you know that driving with a suspended license is a crime?
A qualified speeding ticket attorney knows that you can be arrested on the spot if you get pulled over by the police and they discover that your license is suspended. The situation is bad enough when you were knowingly driving with an invalid license. How much worse is it when you’re shocked to discover that your license is no longer valid?

Keep Your Information Up To Date
Keeping your information up-to-date at the DMV is one of the best ways to avoid this situation. State law dictates that addresses need to be updated with the DMV within 10 days of moving. Additionally, drivers must update their vehicle registration information within 20 days. Staying within these guidelines could help you avoid a multitude of problems with unpaid tolls.

Ask a speeding ticket attorney at Ferrer & Gonzalez for help if you have a suspended license because of unpaid tolls. An aggressive defense may help you avoid some fines and get your driving privileges reinstated.


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