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Common Traffic Ticket Questions

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Couldn’t I just pay my ticket and get this all over with?

Yes, you absolutely can just pay the ticket. But it wouldn’t make any sense. Paying your ticket is an admission of guilt and will cause points to be assessed on your license and cause your insurance premiums to skyrocket. With a money-back guarantee if points or school are issued, using an attorney makes sense.

My driver’s license is suspended. How can I get a D6 clearance without paying collections?

Your traffic ticket could end up in collections – and suspend your license – for a couple of reasons, including not exercising one of your options within 30 days after getting the ticket, and for not paying court costs or fines assessed by the Court. It’s possible to get a D6 clearance without immediately paying the amount in collections. This is typically done with a court order. If you need to obtain a D-6 clearance, give us a call. We can usually get you ready to reinstate your license within just a few days.

How many speeding tickets can you get before you get your license taken away?

Surprisingly, your driver’s license could be suspended if you get as little as two speeding tickets within 1 year. Keeping points off your license is of the utmost importance, and hiring an attorney to defend your ticket can do just that. Our office offers a money-back guarantee if points are assessed.

My driver’s license is suspended, but I need my license to go to work. Is there anything that can be done so that I can drive again?

Of course there is. We can usually clear most items causing your license to be suspended within just a few days. Give us a call for more information and to find out how fast we can get you driving legal again.

I just got a notice that the DMV is revoking my license for 5 years. I can’t deal with that – I have to drive to work! Can you help?

The notice you received is because the DMV has deemed you a Habitual Traffic Offender. You likely received 3 tickets for driving with a suspended license within a 5 year period. We need to review your driving record to see exactly what is causing the HTO Revocation, and then try to undo some of the damage that was done. The time period to try to correct this is limited and it’s important to contact our office as soon as possible.


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