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Consequences of a Hit and Run

One of the most serious infractions that any driver could commit on Florida’s roadways is a hit and run.

Let’s take a closer look at what a hit and run is, and what consequences you could be facing if you are charged with this crime. If you have been accused of this crime, then you need the assistance of the traffic ticket lawyers Miami drivers recommend, Ferrer & Gonzalez.

Statistics suggest that as many as one-quarter of all vehicle collisions on Florida’s streets and highways in 2016 were hit-and-run accidents. Whether the victim is a pedestrian or is in another vehicle, the outcomes for these accidents are rarely good. Severe injuries may be the result, and some people have lost their lives in these incidents.

It’s the Law

Drivers in Florida are required by state law to stop whenever they are involved in an accident. Whether it is a simple fender bender or a major pile-up on the interstate, it is vital that you stop and at least trade insurance information with other drivers involved in the crash. It also may be necessary to call for emergency services, particularly if someone appears to have been injured in the accident.

Possible Charges

People who are accused of leaving the scene of an accident in Florida may be charged at either the misdemeanor or felony level. Misdemeanor charges are the most common, and they are typically brought when the accident did not result in injuries or a death. However, felony charges are possible when someone is hurt or killed.

We can help

If you believe that you may be charged with a hit and run or with leaving the scene of an accident, then it is imperative that you seek legal advice. The traffic ticket lawyers Miami residents trust are found at the Ferrer & Gonzalez law firm. These experienced attorneys may be able to get the charges against you reduced or dropped by launching a full investigation.

Do not put your future and your freedom in jeopardy when you are facing Florida leaving the scene of an accident charges. Legal help is available from well-qualified Miami hit-and-run lawyers.

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