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Defective Toys

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We focus our firm’s resources on handling personal injury matters for clients who have been seriously injured in Florida accidents.

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Florida Defective Toy Attorney

Toys and other children’s products that are defective or lack appropriate safety warnings are especially dangerous, given that young children are not capable of accurately assessing the risks posed by those products. Toy manufacturers have a responsibility to make safe toys or to warn of any potential dangers. When injuries happen as the result of defective toys, product manufacturers deserve to be held financially accountable.

At the Miami law firm of Ferrer & Gonzalez, our personal injury lawyers provide experienced premises liability representation to individuals throughout South Florida. If you or your child has been harmed by a dangerous toy or other defective children’s product, talk with one of our attorneys about your rights to compensation for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

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Florida Dangerous Product Lawyer

The manufacturers, distributors and sellers of toys and other children’s products are responsible for the safety of those products and may be held liable when those products have defects that result in injuries to children. This includes defective car seats, child seats, booster seats, toys and other products commonly used by children.

These toys and child products can cause serious injuries or even wrongful death. Design defects, manufacturing defects, incorrect instructions and a failure to provide danger warnings can all contribute to these injuries.

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For more information about your rights after your child has been harmed by a defective toy, contact us at Ferrer & Gonzalez in Miami to discuss your accident at a free initial consultation. Call our office at 305-262-2728 or toll free at 888-609-5947 to make an appointment.

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