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Domestic Violence

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When your freedom and your criminal record are at stake, you can’t afford to work with a lawyer who isn’t completely committed to your case.

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Spousal Abuse Lawyer in Miami

Domestic violence is a serious crime. We are serious attorneys. Police often file domestic assault charges as a way to break up a domestic disturbance they are called to. Unfortunately, once a DV charge is filed, the prosecutor moves forward with the case, even when the complaint is dropped.

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At Ferrer & Gonzalez, PL, we know that most people charged with first-offense domestic violence are not abusive people. Many victims of domestic assault know it, too. That’s why we work closely with the prosecutor to make sure charges are not excessive and punishment is not unduly harsh. Florida offers many diversion programs to help people avoid a conviction by completing an awareness program or counseling. We do everything possible to protect your rights and get the best possible outcome. Avoiding a conviction and jail is always our No. 1 priority.

Attorneys Equal to the Challenge

For domestic violence charges, your lawyer will need experience employing a broad range of effective strategies. Our attorneys are committed to to meeting our clients’ needs and we have the capacity to handle the most complex domestic assault cases. Being charged with domestic assault, child abuse or another form of domestic violence will often have an immediate impact. If a restraining order or order of protection is taken out against you, it is possible to lose access to your home, your family, your kids, and your right to purchase a firearm. Let us get you the legal protections you need.

Violent Crimes Defense for Any Violent Crimes Case

We work with all criminal defense clients who have been charged with domestic violence offenses, either as the primary charge or in addition to other offenses. We have the professional resources and experience to help you fight for the best possible outcome.

From our offices in Miami, we represent clients throughout South Florida, the Florida Keys and statewide. Contact us to arrange a free consultation with an experienced Miami domestic violence attorney at Ferrer & Gonzalez right away.

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