Getting caught driving with an expired license is normally a minor offense. But if your driver’s license has been expired for four months or more, it becomes a criminal offense with serious consequences. It is no longer a matter of going down to the DMV to make amends — you need experienced criminal defense representation.

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Florida Driving With Expired Drivers License Attorney

If you have let your license lapse and you get pulled over, the likely penalty is a minor fine and 2 points against your license on your Florida driving record.

However, Florida Statute 322.03 makes it a crime to continue driving with a license that is expired beyond four months. The possible punishment is up to 60 days in jail, a fine up to $500 and/or six months of probation, plus the points against your license.

You are required to appear in court for the offense of license expired for four months, and failure to show up can result in a warrant for your arrest. Failure to appear also triggers an administrative (D6) suspension of your license, which would involve an additional hearing, fees, and hassles to get your driving privileges reinstated.

Our knowledgeable attorneys can defend you against the criminal charges to get them dismissed or downgraded, and help you get squared away with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to bring your driver’s license current.

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