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Drop Off Your ‘Toys for Tots’ Donation with the Miami Lawyers of Ferrer Shane, PL

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A Marine Reservist and his wife started Toys for Tots in 1947. Since then, Toys for Tots has distributed more than half a billion toys to millions of needy children at Christmastime.

Toys for Tots is perhaps one of the most recognizable charitable organizations in the U.S. It continues to be run by the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves, is supported by thousands of civilian volunteers, and earns philanthropic honors every year.

Ferrer Shane, PL in Miami: Official Drop-Off Location

At Ferrer Shane, PL, we’re proud to have made our office an official drop-off location for Toys for Tots 2012 in Miami-Dade County.


Here are some FAQs from the Toys for Tots website:

  • What ages are supported by Toys for Tots? Generally kids ages 12 and younger, though some areas support children up to age 16.
  • What kind of toys should be donated? Use your own judgment. So as not to limit donations based on availability, the Toys for Tots organization does not publish a list.
  • Are there any toys that should NOT be donated? The Toys for Tots organization will not distribute realistic-looking weapons. It will also not distribute gifts with food.

How to Make a Donation

Simply bring your toy donation to the Ferrer Shane office located here:

Ferrer Shane, PL
Enrique Ferrer
10631 N. Kendall Drive, Suite 260
Miami, FL 33176

We’re open for drop-offs from 11/14/2012 through 12/18/2012, from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm.

Follow the links below to read more about Toys for Tots:


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