Florida Possession Of Drugs Lawyer

Possessing even a small amount of illegal drugs carries major penalties. If you are caught with a significant amount or several different drugs — even for personal use — the law treats you as a drug dealer.

The criminal defense lawyers of Ferrer & Gonzalez, PL, will aggressively counter the government’s case to avoid a conviction or mitigate the punishment. We have proven methods for defending against drug possession charges, representing clients in the Miami area and throughout South Florida.

If you or a family member is charged with possession or possession with intent, contact our law firm immediately for a free consultation to protect your rights and fight back.

South Florida Drug Possession Defense Attorneys

We routinely represent clients accused of misdemeanor or felony possession of:

  • Marijuana or drug paraphernalia
  • Cocaine, heroin, meth or other controlled substances
  • Illegal prescription narcotics (Vicodin, OxyContin, Xanax, etc.)

The exact charges and potential penalties depend on the type of drug, the amount, prior convictions, and other factors. Possession of a small amount of marijuana is a misdemeanor, but possession of substantial quantity of pot or any amount of other drugs is a felony charge with the possibility of a year or more in prison.

Many clients are shocked to find themselves charged with the serious offense of possession with intent to sell. This charge is based almost solely on the amount and does not require actual evidence of dealing or intention to sell.

We Understand What’s at Stake

Aside from jail or prison, a drug conviction carries fines, driver’s license suspension, and other penalties, such as mandatory treatment. It is also a red flag to potential employers and sets you up for very harsh penalties for repeat offense.

Our attorneys are skilled at examining the evidence for any flaws in the case against you. Did police have probable cause to stop your vehicle or stop you on the street? Did they single you out when the drugs could have belonged to any number of other people? Did they violate your rights in a spot search or while executing a search warrant? Did the prosecutor over-charge what should have been a simple possession case?

We look for any opportunity to get your case dismissed or to have evidence or testimony excluded. If the case against you is solid, we will negotiate for a favorable deal. If the case is weak, we are prepared to fight for you at trial. We also explore alternative programs for first-time offenders to avoid jail and/or a drug conviction on your record.

Drug Possession Is Always a Serious Matter

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