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Elevator Accidents

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We focus our firm’s resources on handling personal injury matters for clients who have been seriously injured in Florida accidents.

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Florida Elevator Injury Attorney

In apartment buildings, shopping malls, hotels, department stores, hospitals and other buildings in South Florida, elevator accidents can occur that leave people seriously or fatally injured. When elevator accidents happen, victims and their families need compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and other related expenses. Property owners and elevator manufacturers should be held liable for damages to accident victims.

At the Miami law firm of Ferrer & Gonzalez, our personal injury lawyers have extensive experience helping clients recover the monetary compensation they need after an elevator accident in South Florida. Our premises liability attorneys will look to prove that the owner of the property acted negligently by failing to maintain and repair their elevators or that the manufacturer of the elevator did not design or manufacture the elevator correctly.

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Common Causes in Elevator Accidents

Elevators need to be regularly checked and maintained in order to prevent breakdowns that could cause serious accidents and injuries. Elevator accidents may occur as the result of:

  • Sudden stops
  • Stops in between floors
  • Doors closing too quickly
  • Free falls or plummets
  • People falling down elevator shafts
  • Electrical equipment failures
  • Strained elevator cables or failing elevator brakes

These accidents may result in broken bones and other fractures, head injuries, neck injuries and other serious injuries that can leave victims temporarily or permanently disabled. Our firm also provides wrongful death claims representation for the families of fatal elevator accident victims.

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