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Getting a speeding ticket in Miami is never fun, but fight the speeding ticket does not have to be difficult and expensive.

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    Lawyer for Felony DUI in Florida

    Getting charged with DUI multiple times in Florida or causing an accident with death or injuries because of driving drunk means that you are facing felony DUI charges. In many cases, a felony DUI results in a stiff minimum prison sentence. If it is not your first felony conviction, you may even be facing a mandatory minimum sentence.

    You Face Serious Consequences. Get Serious Legal Defense.

    Even if this is your first DUI charge, the impact of a felony conviction on your record will have a serious effect on your future. This isn’t a traffic ticket. This is a felony, with time in prison as your possible sentence. Make sure your defense lawyer has the experience to handle complex issues and successful strategies to help you protect your future.

    If you are facing a felony DUI, your defense attorney will need to understand that the stakes are high. That means taking every measure to challenge the evidence, including the probable cause for the police stop, the field sobriety test, the blood alcohol test and whether your rights were protected at every turn. At Ferrer & Gonzalez, PL, we help people get their felony DUI charges reduced or dismissed by applying intelligent, successful strategies that put the burden of proof where it belongs — on the prosecutors.

    Diversion Programs

    A felony DUI does not necessarily mean you will face the worst penalties that include jail. By working with the assistant district attorney, we are often able to find a chemical dependency program or probation that will allow you to avoid a conviction upon successful completion. Because we have earned a reputation for integrity and hard work on behalf of our clients, assistant district attorneys know they can work with us and find the best resolution for everyone.

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    We work with all criminal defense clients who have been charged with felony DUI, either as the primary charge or in addition to other offenses. We have the professional resources and experience to help you fight for the best possible outcome.

    From our offices in Miami, we represent clients throughout South Florida, the Florida Keys and statewide. Contact us to arrange a free consultation with an experienced Miami felony DUI attorney at Ferrer & Gonzalez right away.