Miami Financial Responsibility License Suspension Attorney

In addition to a major traffic violation or an accumulation of minor infractions, your Florida driver’s license can be suspended for failure to meet financial responsibilities. If your license is suspended for not paying fines or other statutory obligations, you can then face serious criminal charges for continuing to drive — even if you were not aware your driving privileges had been cut off.

At Ferrer Shane, PL, we have represented many drivers who did not realize their license had been suspended under the financial responsibility statute. (Often the obligations have nothing to do with driving a motor vehicle.) We can intervene to prevent a suspension or get your license restored, and to fight formal charges of Driving While License Suspended (DWLS).

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Financial Responsibility Suspension

Under Florida’s motor vehicle statute 324, the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FDHSMV) can initiate a D-6 administrative suspension of your driver’s license for:

  • Failing to pay fines from traffic tickets
  • Failing to maintain bodily injury liability insurance
  • Failure to pay for property damage from a car accident
  • Failure to pay Court fines, surcharges or fees for mandatory classes
  • Failing to pay Court-ordered child support
  • Failure to satisfy criminal judgments, such as restitution for a crime
  • Failure to satisfy a civil judgment against you
  • Unfulfilled financial responsibilities of your minor child

Our experienced attorneys will track down the specific unpaid financial responsibility that led to your suspension, and advise you on how to make amends to satisfy the Court. Then we can request hearings and represent you in Court to: challenge a pending license suspension, restore your suspended license, and/or fight the charges of driving while suspended.

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