Florida Tourist Accident Attorney

Florida is visited by millions of guests each year with luxury hotels, resorts and motels providing a place to stay, whether these guests are on vacation or are visiting on business. Unfortunately, an accident at a hotel can result in serious injuries for those who are involved, and when an accident is caused by negligence, the owner of the hotel or other lodging may be held accountable for the resulting damages.

At the Miami law firm of Ferrer & Gonzalez, our attorneys have experience handling personal injury claims stemming from hotel accidents caused by negligence. Tourists, business travelers and others who stay in Florida deserve to be protected from harm and to have their rights protected when accidents occur. We can help determine who should be held liable for your injuries and help you file a claim to seek necessary compensation.

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Miami Hotel Accident Attorney

Resorts and hotels have a duty to keep their properties in a condition that is reasonably safe. This means that any dangerous conditions – such as spills or debris – should be taken care of as soon as possible and that adequate warnings should be provided so that guests can avoid these conditions.

Accidents at hotels can include slip, trip and fall accidents; motor vehicle accidents, including airport shuttle and tour bus crashes; food poisoning; personal watercraft accidents; negligent security that failed to prevent criminal attacks; and other accidents that could have been prevented.

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