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    Immigration appeals are among the most difficult and complex cases that an attorney can be asked to handle. The immigrant and their family are typically under a monumental amount of stress because they are likely facing deportation, and they have already endured a long and grueling process.

    Because appeals are so complex, it is critical that you have an experienced attorney working for you. Appeals are not like regular immigration cases. Frequently, they turn on obscure matters of law of which not all attorneys may be aware. This means that your case cannot be handled by just any lawyer. You need a practitioner with a certain depth of experience in immigration appeals.

    That is exactly the kind of attorney that you will find at Ferrer Shane Gonzalez. We have taken many cases before the Board of Immigration Appeals and the federal appellate courts. This provides us with the skills and knowledge that are crucial to ensuring that your appeal gets a fair hearing.

    Reasons for an Immigration Appeal 

    Have you requested asylum and been denied? Or, are you facing criminal charges that may result in your removal? Have you been threatened with deportation? If so, then any of these matters may need to be appealed so that you can avoid the most serious consequences.

    After the Board of Immigration Appeals denies a case, it is possible to file a Petition for Review in the appropriate federal appellate court. However, this must be done within 30 days of the decision by the Board. This means that there is an incredibly small window of time within which your appeal must be filed.

    Do Not Delay 

    Immigration appeals are highly time-sensitive matters. If you do not file the Petition for Review by the deadline, then there may be nothing that your attorney can do to help. Accordingly, anyone who has been denied by the Board of Appeals will want to contact Ferrer Shane Gonzalez as quickly as possible so that an attorney can immediately review the case.

    Grounds for an Immigration Appeal 

    Your attorney will conduct a thorough review of the proceedings in your case thus far. They will look for any kind of irregularities that may mean that you had an unfair hearing before the immigration court. Some of the irregularities may include:

    • Evidence that the judge ignored or overlooked;
    • Lacking a suitable interpreter for the proceedings;
    • Witness testimony not being considered; and
    • An immigration court procedure may have been used unfairly against you.

    These and other problems may have affected the outcome of your case. With their comprehensive knowledge of U.S. immigration law and the procedures of immigration court, the practitioners at Ferrer Shane Gonzalez will be able to spot any problems with the proceedings in your case thus far.

    Contact Ferrer Shane Gonzalez today to schedule a consultation regarding an immigration appeal. You may have only a short period of time to act, so do not delay. Your dream of living permanently in the United States may still become a reality.