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In a Car Wreck? Use the Ferrer & Gonzalez Accident Toolkit iPhone App

In a world – a mobile world – where the words “cool” and “useful” are the primary ways to describe smartphone apps worth buying, apps provided by law firms have very seldom been described as cool or useful.

Will the Accident Toolkit, sponsored by the Miami personal injury lawyers of Ferrer & Gonzalez, be any different?

It actually might.

Many commentators have stated that lawyers’ smartphone apps are just another marketing gimmick and will do very little to attract consumer interest, especially when it comes to those apps that are likely to be downloaded in the mobile marketplace. (The CNN, Netflix, and Kindle apps are just a few examples of apps that easily attract attention.)

An app, for example, that is nothing more than a lawyer’s repackaged blog, is not worth buying (when you can go online and view the blog for free) and definitely not cool.

The Ferrer & Gonzalez Accident Toolkit is different. It uses a combination of the features that Apple provides on its iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices, and brings them together to help you collect the information you need after a car accident.

Attorney Enrique Ferrer helped lead the development of his law firm’s new app.

He said, “With smartphones such a critical element of one’s daily life, and with more and more people leaving their cameras and paper notepads behind, we felt that we could harness the iPhone’s built-in tools – the camera, notepad, GPS capabilities – to aid in the critical gathering of data immediately after an accident, at the accident scene.”

Here’s what it does:

  • Tools: easy access to a camera, voice recorder, text notepad, drawing pad
  • Collection: take pictures of damage, record statements, take down insurance information, draw pictures of the accident scene, and more
  • Automatic GPS locater: click one button and your exact location, all the way down to street names, is identified
  • Email to Ferrer & Gonzalez: send all collected information to the Ferrer & Gonalez law firm using the email report
  • Dial 911: hit a button and call for emergency services or the Ferrer & Gonzalez law firm
  • FAQ section: read what you should and shouldn’t do both before and after a car wreck

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