Car Accident Injury Compensation in Miami, FL

A serious car accident creates havoc and hardships in your life, often well into the future. If a careless or reckless driver caused the crash, that person is accountable for your financial losses and your personal suffering.

With skill and compassion, the legal team at Ferrer & Gonzalez, PL, is committed to securing the full compensation for ongoing medical care and all of the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident. Our Miami personal injury attorneys have recovered damages on behalf of accident victims in Miami-Dade County, across South Florida and throughout the State of Florida.

Free Case Evaluation for Your Serious Car Accident

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Experienced Florida Car Accident Lawyers

We have the knowledge and resources to handle insurance claims and lawsuits for personal injury or wrongful death involving any motor vehicle:

  • Auto collisions
  • Trucking accidents
  • Motorcycle crashes
  • Bicyclists and pedestrians hit by cars
  • Car accidents caused by drunk drivers
  • Bus or taxicab accidents
  • Boating and personal watercraft accidents

From our wide experience representing those accused of traffic tickets in Miami or DUI, we have special insights into the causes of traffic accidents that helps us establish the other motorist’s negligence. We are prepared to go to a jury if liability is disputed or the insurance companies will not offer fair compensation.

We also have access to qualified medical experts, accident reconstruction specialists, and many other professionals to help us build a case, especially for the comprehensive and long-term compensation demanded for permanent or catastrophic injuries.

If you were injured in a car accident, contact us today for a free consultation and prompt investigation to preserve evidence important to your full recovery of damages.