Kendall Dram Shop Liability Attorney

In Miami and throughout South Florida, the large bar and club scenes bring many people out to drink and have a good time. Unfortunately, when some of these people act irresponsibly and are served too much alcohol, they can end up injuring and killing innocent people in alcohol-related car accidents. When these kinds of drunk driving accidents happen, victims and their families deserve legal representation and need compensation for their losses.

At the law firm of Ferrer & Gonzalez, our liquor and dram shop liability lawyers provide experienced representation for people who have been harmed by drunk drivers in South Florida. We not only file claims to hold drunk drivers liable for alcohol-related accidents but also pursue compensation from the establishments that served alcoholic beverages to individuals who were obviously intoxicated.

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Understanding Liquor Liability in Your Accident

Restaurants, bars and other commercial establishments who have liquor licenses in Florida agree to serve alcohol in a legally responsible manner. This includes not over serving people, not serving individuals who are already intoxicated and not serving underage drinkers. Homeowners also have this responsibility, especially if they are hosting house parties for guests who will be driving home afterwards.

While it is important to pursue compensation from the drunk driver, these accidents often involve drivers who have little to no insurance. By looking to commercial establishments and homeowners under the law of liquor liability (dram shop liability), it is possible to pursue the compensation that accident victims need for medical bills, pain and suffering and other expenses.

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