If you’ve received more than a couple of traffic tickets within a short time, then you seriously may be wondering how long those tickets stay on your record.

Ferrer & Gonzalez can tell you that the answer is that it depends on what you mean by “record.”

With traffic tickets Miami drivers will find that points get added to their driving record. The amount of points that is placed on your record depends upon how severe the infraction was. For instance, if you were caught speeding at less than 15 mph over the limit, three points would be added to your record. However, if your speeding caused an accident, you could see six points added to your record.

When a driver accumulates too many points, then they may temporarily lose their driving privileges.
With a suspended license Miami drivers have to stay off the road. The good news is that points only stay on your record, for insurance purposes, for 36 months from the time you pay the fine or otherwise get the points.

While the points may not matter for your car insurance after three years, that ticket stays on your driving record permanently.
This means that even if you haven’t gotten a ticket in five years, your driving record isn’t “perfect.” It still reflects all tickets you’ve received, no matter how long ago you got them.

When it comes to traffic tickets Miami residents can’t afford to ruin their permanent driving record.
Too many tickets can drive up the cost of insurance and cause other headaches. Additionally, with a suspended license Miami drivers don’t have the freedom to which they are accustomed.

Talk to one of our attorneys at Ferrer & Gonzalez to find out how to keep traffic tickets off of your record. At Ferrer & Gonzalez, we work toward getting speeding tickets dismissed so that you can maintain a perfect driving record in Florida.

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