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    Lawyer with Law Firm of Ferrer Shane is Miami-Dade County Court Judge

    Ferrer Shane, PL is extremely proud to announce that one of its attorneys, Diana E. Gonzalez, has won her bid for Miami-Dade County Court Judge.

    In her win, Diana Gonzalez ousted the incumbent, the Hon. Ana Maria Pando, and also enjoys the honor of being the first elected judge of Colombian descent in the U.S.

    In the run up to the election, Gonzalez worked hard to communicate to Miami-Dade County voters why she would make an ideal County Court Judge.

    On her website ( she wrote:

    “I know we have the best legal system in the world and want to help preserve it … One way [to preserve our system of justice] is by electing judges who will follow the law, who will be fair, and who are ethical.”

    In fact, Diana Gonzalez has exemplified these ideals all her life. As Miami-Dade County Court Judge she will bring to the bench what she learned working three jobs to support herself in college, what she learned as a law student at St. Thomas University (where she was already defending asylum cases in federal court), and what she learned traveling abroad to third-world countries teaching criminal justice on behalf of the U.S. Department of Defense.

    Diana Gonzalez will begin her work on the bench in January 2013.

    On behalf of the law firm of Ferrer Shane, PL in Miami, we warmly congratulate our colleague and friend (and Judge) Diana Gonzalez on her win.

    For more about Ferrer Shane or Diana Gonzalez, Esq., call 888-609-5947.