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    Florida Elder Care Negligence Attorney

    The state of Florida has a large population of senior citizens who live in nursing homes and elder care facilities. And the number of those who live in these facilities is growing. The terrible part is that many nursing home residents are vulnerable to abuse or neglect because of medical conditions like Alzheimer’s.

    You can hold these places accountable for negligence and substandard care.

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    What is the Nursing Home Residents’ Bill of Rights?

    The Nursing Home Residents’ Bill of Rights provides statutory protection for nursing home residents in Florida. These rights include:

    • The right to receive adequate and appropriate health care and protective services
    • The right to be treated courteously, fairly and with the fullest measure of dignity
    • The right to be free from mental and physical abuse
    • The right to retain and use personal clothing and possessions
    • The right to manage his or her own financial affairs
    • The right to choose a personal physician

    Nursing homes and elder care facilities should be safe. They should be free of abuse and neglect. As Miami lawyers, we seek justice after an accident or to stop outright abuse, seeking compensation for what happened in the past, and hoping to prevent further damage in the future.

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    As the family member of a loved one in a Florida nursing home, you have rights. You have options if something bad has happened to your mother or father or other close relative. For a free consultation, call 305-262-2728 or contact us online.