Hit By Car In A Crosswalk In Florida?

Every year in Florida and across the United States, thousands of pedestrians are involved in accidents with motor vehicles, many of which result in serious injuries. Many of these pedestrian accidents are the result of driver negligence and a lack of concern for walkers, joggers, rollerbladers and others who share the road with cars, trucks and other automobiles.

At the law firm of Ferrer & Gonzalez, our personal injury lawyers represent the victims of pedestrian accidents in Miami and throughout the state of Florida. Pedestrians, bicyclists and others on the road deserve to be safe. If you or someone you love has been involved in an accident, you need to talk with an experienced attorney about your options for recovery.

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Fight to Get the Compensation You Need for Your Injuries

As a pedestrian, you may not recognize the compensation that is available to you after an accident or where you can go to get that help. If you own a vehicle and have automobile coverage, you may be entitled to certain PIP (Personal Injury Protection) benefits from your own insurance company after a pedestrian accident. At our firm, we will review your policy and your accident to help you understand what options are available to you.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are notorious for offering victims of pedestrian accidents settlements that will not meet their needs. This is true even for their own policyholders, as insurance companies may still try to reduce the amount of claims they pay out in settlements. It is important to talk with a lawyer after any accident to know the true value of your case.

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