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Pharmaceutical Errors

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Kendall Medication Errors Attorney

Errors with prescriptions and medications are some of the most common examples of medical malpractice that occur in hospitals and clinics around Florida. Many of these prescription errors are preventable and happen when pharmacists, doctors, nurses or other medical professionals are being careless. By pursuing a medical malpractice claim, it may be possible to not only obtain necessary compensation, but to also force medical providers to improve overall patient safety.

At the South Florida law firm of Ferrer & Gonzalez, our attorneys have extensive experience representing the victims of prescription errors and other forms of medical malpractice. We have seen how the wrong drug or the wrong dosage can cause significant complications and injuries for patients. As your lawyer, we will file a claim to obtain monetary compensation for your medical care and other expenses.

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Common Prescription and Medication Errors

At Ferrer & Gonzalez, we handle medical malpractice cases involving common prescription errors such as:

  • Labeling and prescription errors
  • Drug interactions
  • Dosage errors
  • Allergic and adverse reactions
  • Unintended side effects
  • Automated dispensing system errors
  • Wrong medication

Our medical malpractice lawyers also represent the families of individuals who have died as the result of medication errors in Florida hospitals and clinics. We aggressively pursue wrongful death claims for our clients who are dealing with such difficult tragedies.

Pursue Compensation After a Florida Medication Error

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