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    When a foreign national fears that their life may be in danger if they return to their home country, then they may request asylum from the United States. Not all of these requests will be granted, and the process of requesting asylum is complex. This means that it is imperative that people seeking asylum work with a qualified Miami immigration attorney like the practitioners at Ferrer Shane Gonzalez.

    What Is the Difference Between Refugee and Asylum Status? 

    One of the main factors that goes into deciding whether or not an individual is qualified for political asylum is their location. If they are already in the U.S., then they must request asylum, which protects them from having to return to their country of origin. A person who requests status as a refugee typically has not entered the U.S. yet.

    Why Do People Seek Asylum? 

    Individuals may require asylum in the U.S. for many different reasons. Typically, they fear persecution in their country of origin. Persecution based on religious or political beliefs, social status, and race are perhaps the most common grounds for seeking asylum. People who believe that they may be in mortal danger for any of these reasons if they are forced to return to their country of origin may be able to request asylum in the U.S.

    Elements of an Asylum Claim 

    Immigration officials in America are required to collect documentation and evidence that substantiates the individual’s need for asylum. This evidence can be quite technical and difficult to obtain. Moreover, many people are not certain precisely what evidence will satisfy the requirements of immigration officials.

    This is where the assistance of a Miami political asylum attorney becomes indispensable. Because the practitioners at Ferrer Shane Gonzalez have represented people who needed asylum before, they have a thorough understanding of the process. In addition, they practice in all areas of U.S. immigration law, which provides them with a better perspective on their client’s rights and alternatives if a claim for political asylum is not appropriate.

    The lawyers at Ferrer Shane Gonzalez will work to substantiate the four elements of an asylum claim. Those elements are:

    • The fear of being persecuted;
    • That the fear is well-founded;
    • The potential for persecution must be with respect to nationality, religion, race, political opinion, or social group; and
    • That the individual is unable to return to their home country because of the persecution.

    A great deal of effort typically goes into establishing a valid claim for asylum. This is why people need to have an attorney working for them. A knowledgeable immigration lawyer is not only familiar with the four elements of an asylum claim but has also applied them to real-world situations several times in the past. This makes them adept at assessing your situation.

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    The political asylum attorneys in Miami at Ferrer Shane Gonzalez are ready to listen to your situation and to help you to decide how to proceed. Contact them today for legal advice that you can trust.