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Premises Liability

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We focus our firm’s resources on handling personal injury matters for clients who have been seriously injured in Florida accidents.

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Florida Property Owner Liability Attorney

Premises liability cases range from physical attacks to potholed sidewalks. In these cases, property owners should be held accountable for not keeping their property safe and by not warning people of potential danger.

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You may have been injured in your apartment building, in the parking lot, on the sidewalk, or at someone’s home. At Ferrer & Gonzalez in Miami, Florida, we’ll help you figure out whether you have a valid claim against the property owner. Call 305-262-2728 or send us an e-mail for a free consultation.

Types of Premises Liability Cases

The “classic” premises liability case is the dog bite. Another one is the accidental shooting of a gun. Both of these often happen at someone else’s home. But in all cases, either negligent security or poor maintenance (or both) are factors.

Negligent Security

Poor Maintenance

Another common premises liability case is the slip-and-fall, which can happen in the parking lot, on the sidewalk, down the stairs, or in the supermarket. People slip and fall, for example, because handrails aren’t fixed or messes aren’t cleaned up.

Where Did You Get Hurt?

Premises liability law exists to help injured people get the compensation they need to get back on their feet after a property owner fails to keep things safe.

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