Kendall Defective Product Attorney

Baby cribs are just one type of item that routinely get recalled because something was wrong with the way it was designed or manufactured.

Bad products are often the result of poor design or manufacturing. Or the maker did not provide sufficient warnings or instructions. If you or a loved one was injured from a product defect, call 305-262-2728 or contact us online for a free consultation.

Common Types of Product Liability Claims

If it weren’t for watchdogs like consumer advocacy groups – and, yes, even products liability lawyers – more people would get hurt by bad products. The Miami attorneys of Ferrer & Gonzalez represent injured clients in a wide range of cases:

Defective Vehicles and Related Items

Children’s Products


Product defects can cause everything from relatively minor injuries to wrongful death. It’s important that you keep the product that caused the injury and records of purchase, if possible, as well as any other related information.

Call 305-262-2728 for a Free Consultation

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury because of a defective product, contact us online or call 305-262-2728 for a free consultation. We are products liability attorneys based in Miami representing clients throughout South Florida.