Suspended License in Miami

Every year, thousands of Florida driver’s licenses are suspended. The courts may do so for any number of violations. While it can seem like a suspension period for a traffic ticket drags on for an eternity, there are limits to how long a suspension must last. Once the suspension period expires, you are free to get your driver’s license reinstated.

Of course, doing so is not always easy. If you have a suspended license and would like to get it reinstated, then contact Ferrer & Gonzalez for help with the process. It costs less than you think, and it will save you a lot of time.

Why Do Driver’s Licenses Get Suspended?

The most frequent cause behind a driver’s license suspension is an unpaid traffic ticket. Hundreds of people neglect to pay the fine for a straightforward moving violation or they don’t take action to fight it in court. When they don’t pay the government, then their license gets suspended.

Other reasons for a suspended license in Florida include having too many traffic violation points, a conviction for driving under the influence and failing to meet the minimum vision requirements. A driver’s license similarly may be suspended as a result of unpaid child support.

Do Not Drive While Suspended in Florida

Regardless of the reason why your license was suspended in Florida, it is critical that you do not drive during the suspension period. If you do and you get caught, then you may be facing additional fines and an even longer term of suspension.

Certain hardship cases may be eligible for a provisional license during the suspension period. To qualify, the suspension must be from the accumulation of too many points, a moving violation that caused a death or serious injury, or because you are a habitual traffic offender. If you meet this basic eligibility requirement, then you may take the test, demonstrate proof that you have enrolled in an Advanced Driver Improvement course, pay a fee for reinstatement, and pay fees for a new license. A hardship license does not grant you all of the same privileges that a regular driver’s license does, but it at least allows you to make essential trips.

How to Reinstate Your Florida Driver’s License

Upon the expiration of the suspension term, Florida drivers can visit their local DMV to begin the process of having their license reinstated. Paying the reinstatement fee is required. Additional fees may be due depending upon the reasons for suspension. For instance, an extra $60 must be paid if the license was suspended for unpaid traffic tickets or failure to pay child support. An additional $130 is due for offenses related to drug- and alcohol-use, while an extra $150 must be paid for failure to maintain car insurance.

Furthermore, if your license was suspended for failure to appear at a traffic summons or pay a fine, then you must comply with the court’s requirements before your license can be reinstated. Some drivers also will have to attend traffic school if it is ordered by the court.

What About a DUI Suspension?

People whose suspended license is the result of a DUI conviction may be required to enroll in or complete a DUI course and perhaps substance abuse treatment. Those with DUI suspensions may have to serve jail time and pay additional fines. A probation period and community service also may be required.

Inadequate Vision and Too Many Points

Drivers who were found to have inadequate vision must have an eye exam that proves they meet the minimum vision standards for the state. If your suspension resulted from having too many traffic points, then you may be required to take an Advanced Driver Improvement course and pass a test in addition to paying all necessary fees and fines.

It isn’t always easy to reinstate a suspended driver’s license in Florida. Legal guidance from Ferrer & Gonzalez can make the entire process much easier, especially if there are any questions about your eligibility for reinstatement. With the help of experienced traffic ticket attorneys, you could be back on the road in no time.

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