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A sex crime conviction carries more than the already serious potential for prison time or a loss of rights. It also carries the long-term consequence of being listed as a registered sex offender, a punishment that can make life difficult for decades to come.

If you have been charged with even a relatively minor sex crime, you absolutely need a strong criminal defense that is able to tackle the serious nature of these charges. Particularly if you are accused of a crime involving a minor, you need a lawyer on your side that can attack the prosecution as aggressively as they will attack you.

At Ferrer & Gonzalez in Miami, Florida, we are criminal defense lawyers with the resources and knowledge it takes to handle highly complex cases and serious criminal charges.

Criminal Defense That Will Fight for You

Simply being accused of or investigated for a sex crime can have a devastating impact on your life. It can impact your relationship with friends, family, employers and neighbors, and the sooner you can retain a lawyer to minimize the damage, the more options our attorneys will have to get a positive outcome.

We provide aggressive defense in all cases involving sex crimes, including:

We work with both juvenile and adult clients, providing strong, experienced and respected representation for those who need it most. We understand how to defend these cases, and we can put the right resources behind you.

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