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Speeding in a Construction Zone

Getting a speeding ticket is never fun, but it’s especially expensive when the infraction happens in a construction zone.

Take it from a Miami speeding ticket lawyer at Ferrer & Gonzalez: You do not want to be caught speeding in a construction zone.

Fines Doubled

In Florida, the amount that you will be fined for speeding usually is based on how many miles per hour over the speed limit you were traveling. That means you’ll get a larger fine for driving 25 miles per hour over the posted speed limit than you’ll get for driving just five miles per hour over the limit. However, if that speeding infraction happens in a construction zone, then the police can double your fine. This means that even going a little over the speed limit can cost you big time.

Watch for the Signs

In order for the increased fines to take effect, there usually has to be a sign posted that some kind of construction or other public project is underway. Sometimes, a construction speed limit sign also will be posted. If no workers are present in the construction zone at the time of the infraction, then the double-the-fine provision generally does not take effect. This is because the enhanced fines are designed to keep people working on or near the roads safer.

Accordingly, it makes sense to always obey the speed limit in construction zones. This is true even if you don’t think that any workers are present. You never know when someone may be working early or late, just trying to get their job done.

Let us help you

If you do get a ticket for speeding in a construction zone, then you probably need an attorney. Contact a Miami speeding ticket lawyer today to find out what your options are. The traffic ticket lawyers at Ferrer & Gonzalez have considerable experience when it comes to getting fines reduced. The sooner they get started on your case, the better your chances are for a positive outcome.

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