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Speeding Tickets

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Getting a speeding ticket in Miami is never fun, but fight the speeding ticket does not have to be difficult and expensive.

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How to Beat a Speeding Ticket in Miami, FL

For most people, being stopped for speeding is embarrassing and infuriating. As you are pulled off to the side of the road with flashing lights in your rearview mirror, it can feel like your heart has dropped into your stomach. If you are given a traffic ticket, you are likely worried about paying the fine and dealing with higher insurance rates and black marks on your driving record.

It is tempting for some people to just pay the speeding ticket and move on. When they think about the time and expense involved with hiring a lawyer and going to court, they might believe that it is not worth it to fight the traffic ticket. Unfortunately, most of these people do not realize the repercussions that a speeing ticket can have on their licenses.

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At Ferrer & Gonzalez, PL, we make it easy and cost-effective to fight speeding tickets in Miami and throughout the state of Florida. In many cases, we can fight your traffic ticket for as low as $69 and can do so without having you go to court. We work hard to beat your speeding ticket, keep points off of your driving record, prevent your insurance rates from skyrocketing and avoid wasting your time and money.

Police Officers and Speeding Tickets

Fighting a speeding ticket or other traffic violation with an experienced Miami traffic ticket attorney requires looking at the initial stop and speed measuring devices that are used to gauge your speed.

The law requires that all speed measuring devices – such as pace clocks, radar guns and laser guns – are properly calibrated and maintained. Results that are attained from improperly calibrated devices may not be allowed by traffic court judges, and speeding/traffic tickets based on those results may be dismissed.

Additional mistakes and omissions by police officers, including statute mistakes, may also result in tickets being dismissed. Unfortunately, most drivers are not aware of these rules and those who attempt to fight traffic tickets themselves will not be able to present a complete defense. Our experienced attorneys know and understand these rules and will use them to your advantage.

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If you have been cited for speeding in South Florida, it is in your best interest to contact a lawyer at Ferrer & Gonzalez, PL. Don’t just pay the ticket and accept the penalties without learning how our experienced attorneys can help you fight and beat your traffic ticket. Call us in Miami, FL at 305-262-2728 or toll free at 888-609-5947.

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