Florida Sunpass Toll Ticket Lawyer

The SunPass transponder system for Florida’s many toll roads is very handy, avoiding the long lines at toll booths and the need for exact change or tokens. But the system has its glitches. You can incur a SunPass violation without realizing it, and by the time you receive a ticket in the mail, you may have accumulated multiple violations.

The law firm of Ferrer & Gonzalez, PL, can step in to protect your rights whether you have received one, two, or a dozen or more SunPass violation tickets. We handle all traffic infractions in Miami-Dade County and surrounding jurisdictions of South Florida. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

Miami, Florida SunPass Violation Defense Lawyers

If you have a SunPass transponder, you likely use it at least twice a day going to and from work. You take it for granted, that the machine is deducting credits as you zoom by, when in fact it may be silently flagging you as a violator.

Our attorneys are savvy to the common problems that lead to SunPass violations:

  • Your SunPass account has run out of funds.
  • Your credit card has been declined or your credit card has expired.
  • The automated reader fails to recognize your Sunpass transponder signal.
  • The batteries in your transponder have died.

Do NOT Pay These Tickets!

A SunPass ticket is a moving violation and automatically counts 3 points against your Florida driver’s license if you plead guilty by paying the fine. Each SunPass violation is a separate infraction, and the fines and points can add up rapidly — 12 points in 12 months can trigger a 30-day suspension of your license. In the worst case scenario, your license could be revoked as a Habitual Traffic Offender for accumulating 15 traffic infractions.

Our lawyers intervene to find out why you got ticketed by SunPass (and whether you have more violations that you don’t know about yet). Then we can go to court to convince the Court that you are not a scofflaw but an unwitting violator.

In most cases, we can get these tickets dismissed and avoid any points on your license. But you must act promptly — you have 30 days from the date of the first SunPass offense to contest that ticket. Call our Miami office at 305-262-2728 or 888-609-5947.