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    Kendall Operating Room Fires Attorney

    As lasers and new electrosurgical tools begin to be used more frequently in operating rooms around the country, more surgical fires are happening during procedures that leave patients seriously injured. Oxygen tanks, paper hospital drapes and other medical equipment can also create circumstances that are ripe for surgical fires to occur. Many of these fires are caused by medical malpractice and victims need to be compensated for their losses.

    At the law firm of Ferrer & Gonzalez, our experienced medical malpractice attorneys provide representation for the victims of surgical fires and other surgical errors in South Florida. Our lawyers will work hard to help you file a claim to obtain monetary compensation for medical treatments, lost earnings, pain and suffering and other expenses related to your accident.

    Contact us as soon as possible if a surgical fire caused an injury to you or someone you love. Schedule a free initial consultation by calling Ferrer & Gonzalez, toll free at 888-609-5947.

    Consequences of Surgical Fires in South Florida Hospitals

    In the millions of surgeries performed in operating rooms throughout the country in any given year, there are some that lead to surgical fires, many of which cause serious and disfiguring injuries. The worst fires can even result in patient death.

    Many of these are caused when flammable oxygen given to patients builds up under surgical drapes, and as electrosurgical tools are used to cut or remove tissue, it can cause fires in the operating room. Surgeons who are not using tools safely and appropriately may contribute to these fires as do anesthesiologists who use too much oxygen during surgery. In other cases, product defects can be the cause of surgical fires.

    Our firm will examine your procedure to determine what happened, where medical malpractice occurred and who should be held liable for the injuries caused to you or your loved one.

    Learn More About Medical Malpractice at Ferrer & Gonzalez

    For more information about our representation in cases involving personal injury and surgical errors, contact us at Ferrer & Gonzalez and schedule a free initial consultation. Call our Miami medical malpractice lawyers in South Florida at 305-262-2728 or toll free at 888-609-5947.