Florida Swimming Pool Liability Attorney

With the number of swimming pools in Miami and throughout South Florida at hotels, at theme parks and in the backyards of private homeowners, it is foreseeable that accidents will happen. When swimming pool accidents happen as the result of negligence, however, the owners of the property may be held liable for the injuries suffered by accident victims. If you were injured in or around a swimming pool, you need an experienced lawyer.

At the law firm of Ferrer Shane, our attorneys provide experienced representation for the victims of swimming pool accidents in the state of Florida. Our lawyers will file a claim to help you obtain the compensation that you need to pay for your medical bills, lost wages and other expenses related to your accident. We also represent the family members of fatal drowning victims in wrongful death lawsuits.

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Negligence Leading to Swimming Pool Accidents

At Ferrer Shane, we have handled swimming pool accident claims arising from private homes, schools, apartment complexes, hotels and motels, theme parks and commercial pools around South Florida. Landowners must follow codes and ordinances in keeping up their pools in order to prevent accidents and injuries. Negligence leading to accidents may include:

  • Failure to properly fence off pools
  • Not keeping an area surrounding the pool safe from slip and fall accidents
  • Improper use or storage of pool chemicals
  • Dangerous or defective diving boards
  • Failure to properly secure underwater drains, leading to injury
  • No lifeguards or other personnel to help in case of drowning
  • Insufficient maintenance

Our lawyers will look closely at your accident to learn more about what the pool owner could have done to protect you or your child, and what rights you may have to compensation for the injuries that resulted.

Discuss Your Accident With an Attorney at Ferrer Shane

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