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    You name it, it’ll be there: Bimmers to Lamborghinis, Bentleys to Ferraris, even a Bugatti or two. This year it runs from June 9 through June 16. It’s called the goldRush Rally, and in just four years it has become the “premiere automotive lifestyle rally” in the U.S., featuring some of the hottest cars and hottest locales.ferrer-shane-lambo

    What could be better than driving a luxury or exotic automobile cross country to our very own Miami after living it up for eight days?

    Ferrer Shane Attorneys and the Velos Designwerks Caelum Blue Gallardo

    Dubbed “gr4 Rise Against The Sun,” the Miami lawyers of Ferrer Shane are proud to be among the sponsors of the 2012 goldRush Rally, a “trendsetting celebration and one of the fastest growing social events and lifestyle brands.”

    The car we will be driving is the Velos Designwerks Lamborghini Gallardo you see pictured above, and yes, that’s Enrique Ferrer of Ferrer Shane in the driver’s seat – we hear that he and Mrs. Ferrer will be attending the East Coast portion of gr4.

    Plenty of teams will participate – an estimated 75 cars total – ranging from athletes and entertainers to your traditional automotive enthusiasts and thrill-seekers, all of whom will experience some of the most scenic driving routes in the continental U.S.

    Follow the Ferrer Shane Attorneys Team on goldRush 4 on Facebook and Twitter

    You can follow the Velos Designwerks Gallardo and Team Ferrer Shane on Facebook at or and on Twitter at @FerrerLaw or @VelosLife.

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