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Getting a speeding ticket in Miami is never fun, but fight the speeding ticket does not have to be difficult and expensive.

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Speeding Ticket Attorney Miami

Getting a speeding ticket in Miami is never fun, but fight the speeding ticket does not have to be difficult and expensive. For most traffic tickets and moving violations, we can talk with you about your offense over the phone or by e-mail, eliminating the need for you to take time out of your day to come to our office or go to court.

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Our experienced traffic ticket lawyers provide representation and defense for speeding/traffic tickets and criminal traffic violations, from minor infractions to misdemeanor and felony offenses. We handle traffic tickets throughout the State of Florida, from Miami and the Florida Keys, to Palm Beach and Orlando.

Civil Traffic Offenses – Keep the Points Off Your License

Traffic tickets for speeding and other violations do not carry criminal penalties, but they still have the ability to impact your driving record and your life. Points against your driver’s license for a traffic ticket will typically cause an increase in your insurance rates. Too many points can result in license suspension or revocation. After a traffic offense, attending traffic school may reduce or avoid fines and license points, but it may not be your best option for handling a ticket.

Our Miami traffic ticket attorneys handle all civil traffic offenses, including:

You may be tempted to simply pay the fine or attend traffic school to deal with the ticket. But you have another option: fight the speeding ticket with an experienced Florida traffic/speeding ticket attorney at Ferrer & Gonzalez, PL.

Criminal Traffic Violations – Avoiding the Worst Consequences

Unlike traffic tickets and other civil offenses, criminal traffic violations have the ability to impact your criminal record. Criminal citations carry fines and other penalties, including possible jail time. Our FL traffic ticket defense law firm can help you fight such charges as:

You cannot just pay a fine and hope that these charges go away – typically an appearance in court is mandatory. It is important to hire an experienced traffic ticket attorney in Miami to defend your rights against a criminal traffic violation.

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Whether you face a civil traffic ticket or criminal traffic violation, we can help you improve your chances of a successful outcome. Schedule a free consultation about your situation. Call us toll free at 888-609-5947.

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