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Truck drivers need to be alert and awake to safely operate their vehicles. As drivers go without sleep or push themselves extra hours in order to make deadlines and satisfy trucking company compensation incentives, fatigue and drowsiness can set in. Given the size and speed of semi-trucks, any lapse in judgment can result in a serious accident with the potential for serious injuries to other drivers on the road.

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Sleep Deprivation and Truck Accidents

In many cases, truck driver fatigue is caused by inadequate sleep that stems from extended hours of operation. Truck drivers can get into a cycle of sleep deprivation that makes the situation worse as the days and weeks progress. Unfortunately for other drivers on the road, this increased sleep deprivation can limit truck drivers’ abilities to operate their vehicles safely.

Federal regulations govern the amount of consecutive hours that truck drivers can work, as well as the number of hours that these drivers have to be off of the clock before getting behind the wheel. Some drivers and trucking companies disregard these regulations and forge log books to conceal legal violations. The ones who end up paying the most for these actions, however, are innocent drivers and passengers who share the road with these trucks.

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