Miami Criminal Defense to Take on Serious Cases

Our slogan is: Serious Crimes. Serious Attorneys. And, when it comes to violent crimes and the penalties that can go with these charges, you need a lawyer on your side that has the attitude and experience to handle criminal defense this serious.

A violent crime conviction can carry with it very grave consequences including prison and a lifetime of lost rights. When you include domestic violence charges and lesser assaults, violent crimes are some of the most common kinds of criminal charges out there. At Ferrer Shane, PL in Miami, Florida, our attorneys can take on violent crimes defense from misdemeanors to major felonies.

We have the experience, the attitude and the knowledge to handle all violent crime cases from bar fights to murder.

Attorneys Equal to the Challenge

In domestic violence and other violent crime cases, you should have a lawyer that can employ a full range of legal strategies to your case. Every criminal defense case is unique, and the flexibility, experience and attitude of your lawyer will play an important role in how the case turns out. We have built a solid reputation and proven our skills in handling complex, serious violent crime cases, such as:

Even the charge of a violent crime, particularly in cases of domestic violence can have an immediate impact. If a restraining order or order of protection is taken out against, you may lose access to your home, your family, your kids and your right to purchase a firearm.

Violent Crimes Defense for Any Violent Crimes Case

We work with all criminal defense clients. Whether you have been picked up following an argument with a spouse or a girlfriend or you are facing something as life changing and serious as a murder charge, we have the resources to help you.

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