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Getting a speeding ticket in Miami is never fun, but fight the speeding ticket does not have to be difficult and expensive.

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    Traffic Tickets Miami

    How to Check Traffic Ticket Status in Florida

    At Ferrer Shane, we often get calls from clients anxious to know the status of a traffic ticket. You can check the current status through the Clerk of Court office for the county where your speeding ticket or other citation was issued. If you’re nervous about the possible outcomes of a ticket, please reach out to us for advice.

    If you’ve not spoken with an attorney about your recent traffic offense, contact our Miami law office at 305-262-2728 before you pay the ticket.

    Through the links below, track your case by your name, driver’s license number, or the ticket number. Be aware that links change from time to time. If you find a dead link, give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist you.

    Find/Check the Status of Your Speeding Ticket Online in Florida:

    For general information on driver’s license, registration, and traffic laws:
    Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

    Clerk of Court for Traffic Tickets in Other Florida Counties