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    Anyone who wants to work in the United States must be legally authorized to do so. Foreign nationals who come to America specifically for the purposes of work typically have a visa that allows them to work for a particular employer, which may be sponsoring them in the country.

    Other foreign nationals who are intending to immigrate to the U.S. and want to find employment must obtain a work permit. Several different kinds of these permits are available, and the process of getting the right one can be complicated. Hiring a Miami work permit attorney from Ferrer & Gonzalez may improve your chances of getting the authorization that you need.

    What Is an Employment Authorization Document? 

    U.S. work permits may be referred to as employment authorization documents or EADs. These credentials look a lot like a credit card because they are a similar size and shape. However, they contain all sorts of useful data concerning the holder such as their name, address, immigration category and alien registration number. Each EAD also has a photo for identification purposes and an expiration date.

    Non-citizens who wish to work in the U.S. must be prepared to share their EAD with their potential employer to prove that they have a valid right to work in America. Possession of a forged, expired, or otherwise invalid work permit may have legal consequences.

    Renewal and Replacement EADs 

    Work permits do expire. Before this date arrives, it is critical that the holder applies for a new permit. This means that there is less likely to be any lapse in the individual’s right to work in the U.S.

    Similarly, if an EAD is lost, stolen or damaged, then it is necessary to request a replacement. It is important to act quickly whenever you discover that your EAD is missing or has become illegible. Legal ramifications may ensue if you cannot produce your work permit when requested to do so.

    Do You Need Help with Employment Authorization Documents? 

    Not everyone is eligible to apply for a work permit. Your eligibility largely depends upon your immigration status. Fortunately, there are several different types of EADs, and many individuals are eligible for at least one of them.

    Speak with the Miami work permit lawyers at Ferrer & Gonzalez to find out if you meet the basic requirements for working in the U.S. If you do, then the lawyers and staff at this firm will assist you with the filing of Form I-765, which is an application for an employment authorization document.

    It is vital that this form is filled out correctly so that your application does not get delayed, or worse, rejected. The practitioners at Ferrer & Gonzalez are familiar with this process as they have assisted countless clients to obtain their employment authorization credentials. This improves your chances of filing a successful application.

    If you are ready to seek employment in the U.S., call Ferrer & Gonzalez first. They’ll help you get on the road to working with less stress and trouble.