CrossFit is an exercise program that emphasizes functional movements: pushups, sit-ups, chin-ups, Olympic-style weightlifting, running, rowing, jumping rope and more. CrossFit takes its name from cross-training. Participants do a different timed or scored workout of the day (WOD), which varies on a day-to-day basis.

Many people love CrossFit for its intensity, relatively brief workouts, varied movements, and overall improvement to personal health and fitness. But, like any exercise program, CrossFit has its risks.

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Some fitness enthusiasts believe it’s not if you’ll get hurt doing CrossFit, it’s when. CrossFit participants should take responsibility for their own safety, but that doesn’t mean they assume the risk of negligent training. If you’ve been injured during CrossFit in Florida, call 305-262-2728 or contact us online for a free evaluation of your case.

CrossFit Red Flags

Here are a few red flags to be aware of if you’re participating in CrossFit:

  • An uncertified and/or inexperienced trainer. Even certified CrossFit trainers are not necessarily experienced, as CrossFit certification generally takes a weekend. This can mean trouble for those participating in a rigorous CrossFit WOD, especially beginners, without proper guidance.
  • Chronic (or acute) pain in your muscles, joints, or tendons. See a health care professional if you’re having pain that won’t go away, which could indicate any number of health problems, including rhabdomyolysis. This severe condition causes kidney damage from muscle breakdown.
  • A focus on quantity over quality. Good form is the most important part of any exercise program. Poor form, whether in lifting weights or in running, can cause injury. Unfortunately, it’s an “every rep counts” atmosphere at many Florida CrossFit gyms. At these gyms (or “boxes”), it’s quantity over quality, speed over technique.

In CrossFit, load and intensity is “scaled”: An inexperienced participant might scale down, whereas an experienced participant might scale up. It’s up to you to take responsibility for the exercises you’re doing. But it’s also up to the CrossFit trainer to give proper guidance and instruction.

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In CrossFit, people generally get trained as a group, not as individuals. Since every human body is different from the other, it doesn’t always make sense to put everyone through the same predetermined program. If you believe you’ve been a victim of negligent training during CrossFit, send us an email or call 305-262-2728. We will provide a free evaluation of your case.