SunPass and Toll Violation Attorneys in South Florida

In the state of Florida, the failure to pay a required toll is a moving violation that can result in points against your license, a fine, and for drivers with other violations, it may result in driver’s license suspension. For multiple open road tolling violations and SunPass violations, you could even get habitual traffic offender status and could lose your driver’s license for years.

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Keep Points Off Your License

There are many reasons why you could receive an unpaid toll notice and a violation letter, even if you have followed the law. Many times, you may not even know about the violation until you check your mailbox.

Possible issues may include:

  • Inaccurate license plate information on your SunPass account
  • Incorrect address information
  • Incorrectly mounted transponder
  • Improperly functioning transponder
  • Dead batteries in the transponder
  • Funds in your SunPass account have run out

In these and other instances, a traffic camera will take a picture of your license plate and will use DMV information to send you a violation warning. Unlike moving violations and speeding tickets, where the violation is issued against the driver of the vehicle, a toll violation is issued to the owner of the vehicle.

Innocent mistakes and malfunctions can have a significant impact on your life. Don’t let these simple errors result in penalties that will affect you long after the violation occurs.

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